Web Essentials 04 - Zeldman Keynote

web | 2005-04-18

메일을 정리하다가 발견한 좀 오래된 <a href="http://www.happycog.com/mov/">WEB ESSENTIALS 04 의 Zeldman 키노트 동영상</a>인데 못 보신 분들이 많을 것 같아서 올려봅니다. 작년 11월말에 올라온 <a href="http://webstandardsgroup.org">WSG</a> 메일리스트에서 발견을 한 것입니다. <blockquote><p>In 1998 when we started the Web Standards Project a lot of very intelligent, well meaning people said to us "you have no chance in hell, web standards are a pure theory, the W3C is irrelevant, CSS layout will never catch on, good markup doesn't matter nobody's going to bother with accessibility, etc" <em>but we won.</em> That's the thing and that's why you're sitting here. A conference like this is proof that we won.</p></blockquote> 한국에서도 <em>이길수 있습니다</em>. :)


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