JavaScript Library


jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.


jsMorph is a morphing - motion - tweening framework that knows what you need to do... get going! It's a nice ensemble of best timing, fast, smart and resource saving algorithms and convenience.

jsMorph is a pure javaScript animation framework that can manipulate almost any and multiple stylings of multiple HTML elements. It auto detects start positions, auto converts units, automatically adjusts rendering speed and corrects time leaks for smoother rendering experience. Even if used for queued multiple elements, jsMorph can do single or grouped triggering as well as handling plenty of unique or overall callback functions. All methods within jsMorph are chain able for less hassle and coding! jsMorph can also be used for converting units to pixels or any other unit ( em, pt, pc, in, cm, mm, ex, % ).

jsMorph has a smartly timed rendering engine that can do more at a time and a queuing system for many manipulations to many elements at the same time. jsMorph is also friendly to your memory and CPU due to its 'green' resource saving core.


MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers.


Raphaël is a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. In case you want to create your own specific chart or image crop-n-rotate widget, you can simply achieve it with this library.

Raphaël uses SVG and VML as a base for graphics creation. Because of that every created object is a DOM object so you can attach JavaScript event handlers or modify objects later. Raphaël’s goal is to provide an adapter that will make drawing cross-browser and easy. Currently library supports Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+.